The Turku School of Roleplaying

A collection of articles by Mike Pohjola.

What is the Turku School

The Manifesto
Foreword 2000
Foreword 2001
Foreword 2003
The Manifesto of the Turku School
The larper's Vow of Chastity
The Turku Manifesto Turns Ten

Other articles
Larp Manifesting
Larpers do it ekstatikoi
Give me Jesus or give me Death!
Autonomous Identities in Beyond Role and Play (PDF)
Household Name Column series
Folk Fantasy in PDF
You're in Charge of You
Steering for Immersion in Five Nordic Larps
Chorus Novus. Or: Looking For Participation in Classical Greece MA Thesis in PDF

Translations of the Manifesto
Le Manifeste de l'Ecole de Turku (French)
Manifest Školy Turku (Slovak)
Manifest Školy Turku (Slovak/Czech)
The Manifesto in Russian
The Glossary in Russian
The Vow in Russian
The Manifesto in Polish
The Vow in Polish

Commentary on the Manifesto
Ze szkola Turku zmagania (Polish)
SLAD (Slovak)
Flying Circus (Italian)
NarraForum (Italian)
4chan archive (contains profanity)

Bonus stuff
My indie RPG The Hand of Gulliver the Man-Mountain (PDF file)
Age of the Tempest A tabletop RPG for kids and beginners

Comment on the School
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