Foreword to the First Online Edition (1/16/2001)

It has become my goal to preach the word about the Turkuist revolution all over the world. I have traveled to London and to Paris and friends from Norway and USA have traveled to my native Finland. All this so that the Turkuist word would go on.

Word of mouth and printed word are no longer enough, though. The paper version has fulfilled its purpose. It's time to take the next revolutionary step: We're now online.

For this web version of the Manifest I have corrected some grammatical errors and typos with the help of Mikko Rautalahti. Also somewhere the word "LARP" was used where all RPGs were meant, but that is also now corrected.

This new publication could not have come at a better time. A huge American gaming company is trying to oppress the Turkuist role-players and brainwash the world with their gamist ideas. We must unite against this new 3rd Reich. A sad sign of the times: I visited London and tried to get a local gaming shop to sell the Manifest. They quickly flipped through looking for pictures. When none could be found, they said they wouldn't sell it. We must stand together and say: "No more!"

I'm still grateful for the people I thank in the original foreword, but I must add the names of Richard Dansky, Laura Kalli, Petri Lankoski, Kari Levola, Mika Loponen, Irrette Melakoski, Frans Mäyrä and Risto Paalanen to the list of thanks, as well as the people on several mailing lists I've discussed larping theory on.

Yours in provocation,
Mike Pohjola
Turku, 16.1.2001

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