Links related to the Turku School

Roleplaying theory
Discussion on the Turku School on Amor Fati
Beyond Role and Play A collection of articles published for Solmukohta 2004
As LARP Grows Up A collection of articles published for Knudepunkt 2003
The Forge A forum for roleplaying theory
Amor Fati Archive of articles
The Meilahti School A model describing roleplaying games
Roleplaying theory Chaotic Role-Playing and others

Other manifestoes
Dogma 99 A programme for the liberation of LARP
The Key Manifesto Less is more in LARP
The Angelltrĝa Manifesto In several languages
Veritas 2000 The Ten Commandments
Respect! A Code of Conduct
Role-players Bill of Rights" Against big government
Iirislahtelaisen koulukunnan julistus In Finnish
Iirislahtelaisen koulukunnan kaakkoisespoolaisen tulkintasuunnan julistus In Finnish
Realtime Art Manifesto Digital culture
The Manifesto Manifesto Best name
Dogma 2001 Challenge to Game Designers
The Videogame Revolution I Want Meta manifesto?
Other texts
Everybody Wants Something Creating a Character Motivation Centered Game World
No Good Columns by Juhana Pettersson
Colors Superheroic Live-Action Role Playing Explained

Knutepunkt 2005 International progressive roleplaying convention in Oslo, 2005
Solmukohta 2004 International progressive roleplaying convention in Helsinki, 2004
Ropecon Annual roleplaying convention in Finland

Other projects
Myrskyn aika A roleplaying book by Mike Pohjola
The Book of LARP One article and one larp by Mike Pohjola
File Not Found A live roleplaying game
inside:outside A live roleplaying game
Real City A live roleplaying game